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It may not be summer, but I can pretend it is. #chicagowinter #postgymcookingattire #madewithover

New haircut by Greg Slade, super short sides.

When I think about the holiday photoshoot from last year.




Blue Angels on the horizon in #chicago (Taken with Instagram)

I might drop my phone taking photos of the Blue Angels. Also, I’m afraid of heights, but this is so worth it! (Taken with Instagram)

New volleyball friends! Can’t wait, Kenneth! (Taken with Instagram)

Newt is here, our @morningbirdchi logo is on his racing kit! (Taken with Instagram)

Our new thank you card system (Taken with Instagram at Grip Design)

I download a lot of books to my iPad. I feel guilty seeing a book here and downloading it. Face it, if it’s not backlit I won’t read it. But a book of lists? And I can write in it? And it was written by the shop owner? I’ll take it! (Taken with Instagram at Unabridged Books)

Market Days in #Chicago (Taken with Instagram)

Market Days rooftop party (Taken with Instagram)

Me and Rob #canadian #pride (Taken with Instagram)

Paul! #toronto #marketdays (Taken with Instagram)