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Favorite moments from the last decade 1999-2009 

I was fortunate to see many places in the past 10 years and experience the world with beautiful friends. Here are some of the gayest highlights though not in any particular order.

1) Spending time with Michael and Merce in magical New Orleans just months before Katrina blew through

2) Spending time with Gavin Stewart in Vienna and Salzburg taking in the country side (a la Sound of Music), drinking amazing coffee, and eating Austrian chocolate treats (sachertorte) after the opera

3) Spending time with Amelia and McAllister in Santa Fe drinking ancient mesoamerican chocolate elixirs

4) Sledding in Flagstaff with Nick, Mark, and Gavin

5) Cooking weekly meals with Gavin, Nick, Mark, Tyler, and Michelle in Phoenix

6) Ziplining through the jungle and enjoying volcanic hotsprings with Gavin in Costa Rica

7) Watching Laura Bell Bundy star in Legally Blonde with Frank, Gavin, Carl, and John in Houston

8) Taking Gavin’s birthday to Las Vegas, seeing Cher for the umpeeth time in concert and living through our own “Hangover” weekend. We didn’t return with all our whole party in tact, we lost the Cher doll in her Bob Makie dress somewhere over Nevada.

9) Going to the Gay Games in Chicago with Michael and Tony, meeting more friends and athletes than we ever thought possible

10) Discovering Mexico through the romantic city and beaches of Puerto Vallarta every now and then with my brothers Carl and Ken, and dear friends Mark, Nick, Michael, Gavin, Mario, and John.

Bonus: Those were my favorite moments, but there were these that brought smiles to those around me…

- Having my personal items combed through by every TSA agent and baggage security. I’ve never had to more fiercely defend being gay while explaining to government officials that Gun Oil is not a threat to national security. And that at $14 for a less than 3 once a bottle, it was not in anyone’s best interest to take it from me while traveling.

- Getting stuck in a bathroom in Mexico City. That’s all I’m saying.

What were your favorite moments since ‘