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Advice for beginning bloggers

Recently, I was asked to talk about my experience in blogging. I’ve been at it since 2003. Here was the advice I gave to new bloggers.

The biggest mistake I’ve seen in the blogosphere is the lack of originality and keeping up with consistent content. You need to know exactly what makes your blog unique and always stay honest with your readers. Any blog can be summarized in few posts (also called flagship content) and posting quick links to that upfront will help you gain an audience.

In 2003 when I started blogging you had to know quite a bit of programming to publish through Moveable Type, the choice of most “professional” bloggers at the time. Soon afterwards Blogger (just purchased by Google) burst onto the scene and made publishing and managing a blog easy enough for anyone who knew the basics of Microsoft Word. Today, anyone can plublish a Tumblr or Wordpress blog within minutes and I recommend either to anyone interested in starting something themselves.

My initial attempt at blogging was a success because it had a unique point of view. I was blogging about the world around me and promoting it pretty hard to everyone I met. Blogging with a group of passionate bloggers on PopCultureJunkies.com was fun, too. But newer blogs did the same thing and did it better (like towleroad.com,  pinkisthenewblog.com and popculturebytes.com) so I stepped back and refocused on what made mine so special.